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Studio Skills Workshop Pōneke 2023


Where : The Surgery
When : 11th and 12th of November 10am to 5pm
Cost : Free!

This was a two day workshop for female or non-binary audio engineers and music producers, at an advanced beginner to intermediate level. The workshop aimed to up-skill participants in the recording studio to utilise their skills at home or in smaller studios, while also developing confidence in larger studio settings.

Saturday will covered basic studio processes and routing, as well as an in depth microphone workshop using the set-up of a drum kit. On Sunday the participants reviewed drum microphones, set up a 'live band recording' session, and took turns recording into Pro Tools with acceptable processing on all of the microphone inputs.

Huge thank you to Lee Prebble for hosting the workshop at The Surgery and being amazing to work with. 

Thank you to Wellington Council for funding the event and to Wellington Arts Trust for helping with funding admin.

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